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Now that I’m at an Early College and see my students only 2-3 times per week, keeping track of absent work and copies for absent students has become a nightmare. Although I use technology like Schoology and Remind to help students keep track of their day-to-day assignments, these apps do not fully resolve the problem of keeping absent students up-to-date with the actual happenings of the classroom. 

While I make a concerted effort to keep the Schoology class calendar as updated as possible, my use of technology was never meant to be a substitute for attending class. I do not post every instructional adjustment that I make nor do I announce pop quizzes on the calendar.  However, it is extremely challenging and time consuming to individually update multiple students from different classes what was missed during their absence.

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To resolve this problem, I decided to try a “While You Were Out Form.” Unfortunately, I could not find a form that was functional and appropriate for high school students. Much of what I found online was designed for an elementary setting, so I designed my own. It’s free of fancy clip art, but I think the clean design will serve its purpose in class.  

Since I use a classroom jobs system, I have “hired” a detail oriented student helper for each class period to fill out the form as class progresses. Once the form is completed, I help the student attach any handouts given during class and I place the completed packet into our classroom mailbox system for later pickup.

Tip: If you have multiple student absences within a class period, do not have your student helper add a name to the form. This allows you to make copies of the completed form for several students without the need of additional student helpers. Once you have made copies, simply add each student’s name and attach any handouts for that day. 

If you would like a copy of this “While You Were Out Form,” please click here or visit my Teachers Pay Teachers Store. You can also click on the image in this post for a direct download as well.  Enjoy!!! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Free Printable for Student Absences

  1. thanks for this “while you were out” printable. With a few tweaks it will be perfect for my aquatics classroom. work for missing students has always been a hassle. The other thing I started doing this year was making up beginning of the year packets for kids who join my class after the first day. This really saved a lot of time and headache in the first month of school. This way I knew everyone got the same syllabus, safety contact, binder contract, personal info sheet, etc. and no one could say they didn’t get it.

    1. I’m so glad that my printable will be helpful for you. Thank you for sharing your “Beginning of the Year Packet” idea. I definitely need to set up something similar because I’m usually scrambling to catch-up a new student.

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