My Teaching Journey…

“Education must not simply teach work-it must teach life.” -- W. E. B. Du Bois

August 25

I Met a Hidden Figure…

Today, I literally got to sit in the same room as Mrs. Katherine Johnson. How many people have had the opportunity to stand within two feet of a living legend? There are no words. Happy 101st Birthday Mrs. Katherine Johnson. You are my hero. #hiddenfigures

August 11

Joined HCS…

I traveled over 2,000 miles to start a new teaching journey. Wish me luck!

June 28

ISTE 2017

ISTE is hands down one of the best and largest conferences I have ever attended. Thank you to Turnitin for giving me the opportunity to speak and participate.  I’m having a ball (I feel 20 again. 🙂)

April 26

I Met Erin Gruwell…

I’m so psyched. I had the amazing opportunity to meet Erin Gruwell from the Freedom Writer’s Foundation. She even autographed my book. How amazing is that?

May 11

Officially Dr. Hill…

The toughest journey of my life is now complete. I made it and I am so proud to be Dr. Natashia J. Hill.

May 10

Dean’s Tea-My Doctoral Graduation Speech

I have never spoken in front of so many people in my life, but I am so grateful that I made it to this day.